"Carroll has a wonderful lilt and an innate sense of time"  

- Ken Franckling's Jazz Notes 

About Synia Carroll 

Empowering. Entertaining. Effervescent…. These words only begin to describe the breath of fresh air Synia Carroll brings to the music scene. A jazz vocalist with smooth and soulful vocals, Synia is a storyteller that captivates audiences with every inspiring performance. She energetically engages directly with the crowd, adding her personal flair to match the mood and story of each song.  Her listeners are taken on a journey spiced with nuances of Nina Simone, Nathalie Cole, Sara Vaughan, Dee Dee Bridgewater and Diane Reeves, all blending beautifully into a unique and refreshing style. 

Synia’s role as an Educator, Storyteller and parent imbue a depth of understanding that enhances her ability to convey a song’s meaning, be it light-hearted, comical or dramatic. She seamlessly interjects anecdotes into her performances, affirming that, “Life experience deepens my approach to music. The lessons I’ve learned, they make a difference!” 

The move to Sarasota, Florida in 2014 was pivotal for Synia and ushered in the opportunity to delve into her love of music, taking the leap to pursue her life-long passion for singing and performing. Synia quickly immersed  herself in the Sun Coast Jazz scene, performing with many of the best musicians in the area, earning a reputation as a ‘rising star’.  

In 2016 Synia released a well-received debut CD, Here’s To You, featuring Billy Marcus- formerly recognized as Miami’s best resident Jazz pianist.  She has appeared at various music festivals in Sarasota, Clearwater, and St Pete, and headlined at concert venues throughout Central Florida, such as the Florida Studio Theatre, The Blue Rooster, The Palladium, and the American Stage. She is regularly called upon to perform by area Jazz organizations such as the Sarasota Jazz Club and The Al Downing Jazz Club, and has been a featured vocalist with The Helios Jazz Orchestra, The Sarasota Jazz Project and The Florida Jazz Project. 

From her growing platform as a solo artist, band leader and songwriter, Synia inspires and uplifts others with the art she creates. She is currently working on her next recording project, which will feature original and reimagined compositions in collaboration with  some of the finest musicians on Florida’s Suncoast. 

Through the universal language of music, Synia responds to the  common joys and challenges we all face. Jazz in particular, excites and moves her. She describes Jazz as an “approach to life, a force that opens my heart and expands my sense of self and connectivity. Within Jazz’s inherent improvisation and complex chord structure I find a freedom to creatively respond and create in the moment. How exciting is that?”



"An exceptional performer who is a master of her craft"

 Sarasolo Maestro Award 


"Wow... This is how it is supposed to sound!" 

C. Michael Bailey, All About Jazz



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